The Köre

Sleeps Two Max



Find tranquility at our wildlife pond and serenity through yoga.

What to bring

We provide everything you need for a super comfortable stay. So, bring as little as possible. The less you have the less you need.

All the cooking essentials you’d expect, soft towels and great toiletries. We have all the basics covered. 

Do bring food to keep you fuelled, a good book (although we have plenty in each cabin), and footwear that is meant to get worn.

Our cabins are dog friendly too.

The list

For those who like a list. This is for you. We provide the below

– Bedding
– Towels
– Fridge
– Oven
– Cooker
– Yoga Platform
– Fire Pit
– Wood Burner
– Espresso maker
– Food Basics


Enjoy off-grid chic in this shepherd’s hut in a woodland clearing. There’s much to be admired inside and out.

Sleep Well

Embrace nature but sleep in a double bed with a sturdy roof over your head. There’s a warm shower and proper loo too.

Truly Relax

Tune into bird song, look up for shooting stars, get your boots muddy, whittle sticks, make fire… Whatever makes you happy.


Spend your time stargazing, reading, walking, playing cards, talking and cooking over the fire.

Go wild

Choose this hidden spot in Northumberland. It’s just 10 minutes south of historic Alnwick.


All the space and privacy you need to switch off from the world and the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Embrace rejuvenation with our outdoor cold water shower.

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